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“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

-Peter Drucker

Company Needs Analysis

This is a formal process where HMC will come into your facility, assess and help you address your needs by providing a full company analysis; we will first evaluate, observe, get staff and management feedback, and assess the current state of your company. We will need to understand current processes, company culture, and current problems or needs. It is a great way to get a fresh set of eyes upon your organization and ensure that staff and management viewpoints are aligned with each other. We will work with you to uncover what you see as your current state and the future of your business and tie this together with our findings to put together the best plan of action. Every organization is different and it is important to know what can be tackled to help your staff, management and company over the long haul. Maximizing profits, increasing business, quality, output and employee engagement should be your goal and HMC will help you with this.

HMC will provide you with a written summary of our findings along with a plan to go forward. The report will include, as applicable:

  • recommendations to address some root causes and help you to address any key issues
  • potential barriers to accomplishing the solution
  • communicating the cost of the problem if left unaddressed
  • strategies to address the issue(s)
  • identifying key components to move the company forward
  • concerns
  • accepted best practices
  • professional comments and observations
  • market research for industry specifics
  • budgetary considerations
  • infrastructure requirements, and
  • how to best introduce changes


Remember, do not get overwhelmed and think everything has to be done immediately. Getting an Evaluation and putting a plan in place to accomplish your business needs both over the short term and long term will help you to prioritize and be proactive; let HMC help you with this and breathe a sigh of relief.