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Optimizing the Space in Your Production and Warehouse Area

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I had a customer recently that needed to reorganize a production and warehouse area to maximize the space and utilize some extra square footage afforded to them. Although the area was not exactly optimal for the current needs of the production or warehouse areas, it was critical to ensure a sufficient plan was in place as they were committed to this particular building for five more years.   It is a reality in business today that you have to make the best of some situations and weather some tough time periods in less than favourable conditions.

This being said, a proper plan can be put into place that will increase employee’s efficiencies, minimizes people movement, and optimizes incoming stock, storage and outgoing product. This is a very achievable project if you take the time to plan effectively.  Also remember that safety considerations should be at the top of your list at this time.  Yes, you want to maximize your space but be realistic about what is safe or not; do NOT EVER cut any corners.

All things necessary should be considered, both in the short term and long term; you must also keep in the back of your mind: how will our plan (and new equipment) fit into a potential new building in the future? I know of a company that once purchased a new forklift that was only capable of reaching a certain height (their building was very small and had extremely low ceilings). They knew they were moving in less than two years and when they arrived in their new building had to purchase another new forklift that was capable of reaching their new racking in their higher ceiling warehouse.  This was an unexpected $30,000 purchase that could have been avoided if they had planned ahead effectively.

And finally, at the end of the day you want happy and motivated employees. This is also a great time to utilize your staffs input as they are your best source of information.  They have valid ideas where you can make immediate improvements to their current pains of completing their jobs.  I can’t stress enough….Communicate, communicate, and communicate.  Keep all employees up to date on the project plan, including the reason for it, gaining input, and as the project is ongoing right through to completion.

Good Luck!!! Have a great day!