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Mentoring New Employees


Having a positive Culture is so important to a company’s growth and should never be underestimated.  Do you want to own the company where the culture is not so positive and employees purposely call in sick to stay away?  Or be the one that ends up with a bad reputation which will make it hard to recruit anyone to fill needed positions?  I think not.

But what do you do if your organization is faltering in this regard?  No matter what the state of your company, there are some practices that you can implement to help create and instill some positivity into your company culture.  One of these things is to ensure that you are starting the employer / employee relationship off on the right foot ; the more positive this relationship begins, the higher the chance that this employee will stay with your company.

I am a firm believer in ensuring that new employees receive a proper Orientation when they start a new job.  What would I classify as a proper Orientation?  Ensuring that there is a training plan developed for each employee that allots for sufficient time with existing employees. This includes familiarizing the new employee with Human Resources and Health & Safety expectations, direct training on the job plus training from other employees so the new employee understand some of the other company tasks and gets to meet others in a more relaxed setting.  Employees should both understand their function, other employees functions and how each job intersects.

Installing a mentoring program into your company may be a natural extension to this.  Here’s an article that speaks directly to this and while not for everyone, it can definitely be a consideration.

Article – by Rex Huppke

Mentoring Can Make a Workplace seem like Home