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Hall Manufacturing Consulting

We help new start-ups and established Manufacturers and Distributors with up to 100 employees in the Hamilton – Toronto – Niagara and surrounding areas by providing practical, innovative and cost effective solutions TAILORED to your business.


Let’s face it, like all companies, you want steady (and increasing) business and that achievement is directly related to having the best efficiencies possible, effective customer service, consistent quality levels, and timely deliveries.   Essentially, you want a leg up on your competition!

You have many requirements and needs and do not always have internal personnel able to or capable to tackle those needs.  Specialized help periodically may be required and the best value for your money is a Consultant that can tailor usable solutions geared to your size of business.

That is where Hall Manufacturing Consulting (HMC) comes in!

We love small companies and feel that you have a lot to offer our communities. Quite frankly, we will listen to and work with you to tailor relevant, targeted and effective solutions. We will ensure your efforts are better aligned with the goals of the business for long term growth, success, increased effectiveness, greater efficiency and less cost. Your business will be treated as the unique entity it is.

Our business goal is to help you achieve YOUR business goals and provide you with support for you and your company in a timely manner, for a fair price and with no surprises.

Our full service personalized firm specializes in:


Patti is very professional, knowledgeable, objective, detail oriented and an exceptional problem solver. She is able to build effective working relationships and create a positive work environment. Patti is extremely capable of handling "day to day" issues while achieving short-term goals and maintaining the long-term vision at the same time.

Vesna J. Mississauga

Patti is knowledgeable in the areas of Manufacturing and Distribution and is well versed in the needs of various departments in a company. She is a hands-on professional who effectively strategizes, problem solves and is results driven. She places a strong focus upon improving bottom-line financial performance, maximizing efficiencies, streamlining operations and setting and maintaining high standards.

Frank S., Dundas

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